La Digue

La Digue

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Each island brings its unique traits. Yet there is something, an essence that is present among the citizens of this particular islands which creates that unique island identity. With a melting pot of cultures, coupled with the hot tropical climate, the results is a warm social atmosphere, infectious to all who set foot on La Digue. Sega, Reggae and Moutia accentuates the music of this island, thrilling your very soul with the pulsating rhythm of the beat, putting you in the mood to comprehend the true meaning of the word “NAPA PROBLEM”( no problem ). Being the third largest inhabited island in terms of population (2,900). It is possible to visit as a day trip from either Mahe or Praslin, but in order to truly soak up the atmosphere and explore, you may want to stay for a few days.

There are very few motorised vehicles on La Digue, bicycles are the way to get around. You can either rent from one of the many bicycles rentals found around the island or simply bring your own. Another interesting mode of transportation on La Digue is the Ox cart services. Ox carts were widely used in Seychelles before the introduction of automobiles and  La Digue is the only island in the Seychelles that still uses it today. It Can be rented for short rides or events such as weddings. Passenger carts are usually equipped with awnings for protection against sun and rain, and are often gaily decorated.

Country Seychelles
Languages spokenEnglish
Currency usedSeychelles Ruppee
Area (km2)Victoria

Sports & nature

La Digue is surrounded by crystal clear blue water and spectacular surroundings. The endless lagoon of the atoll is the perfect playground for water fanatics, adventurers and relaxation seekers. A diverse selection of Water Sports for all ages and skill sets is available. The natural, dense vegetation of the island makes great nature trails. Guided walks and bike tours are some of the activities visitors can sign up for.

La Digue is also home to the Seychelles Paradise Flycatchers which is an endangered bird. The Veuve nature reserve (which leads to an amazing beach) is a must visit walk through the forest which is full of wildlife. It does take a bit of time to find the flycatcher as they are quite small but its worth the effort.....This reserve does a lot to publicise La Digue's treasure.

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Nightlife info

Open every Fridays and Saturday "La Noche" discotheque brings some entertainment to this quiet island. It has a decorated island theme inside as well as the outside. Have a drink at the Chill Down Bar, enjoy a few games of pool and socialise with the Diguois.

Hotels offers daily entertainment for guest and visitors.

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Culture and history info

La Digue is the most visited island. Named after a french vessel who explored the island in 1768. The first settlers were french colonist accompanied by African slaves. Father Theophile built La Digue first catholic chapel in 1854. Until today most inhabitant are of catholic faith and the island comes alive every 15th of August to celebrate the religious holiday of the Feast of the Assumptions . Large crowds would gathered on La Digue. After the celebration of mass, residents and visitors join in the animated, colourful atmosphere that traditionally lasts for the entire day and well into the night and which takes the form of impromptu street parties and live music shows, with food and beverages of all kinds available from vendors.

The early settlers planted vanilla alongside vegetable and fruits they needed for everyday consumption. Many settlers were fisherman or boat makers.

The production of copra was once the leading industry in Seychelles. L'union Estate hold the only remaining coconut mill where one can watch every stage of the copra processing, from the laborious dehusking to the final purifying and bottling of the oil. Once you're inside L'union Estate, feed the giant land tortoises and visit the old traditional planter’s house, that has been carefully restored. Take a walk in the old cemetery and visit the graves of the early settlers. At the end of this beautiful well kept garden is a true piece of jewel...Anse Source d'argent. One of the most spectacular beach in Seychelles and the most photographed. Given the right condition ( time and weather ) this beach can take ones breath away. Not surprising it's the most popular beach wedding venue.

Types of  accomodation vary from top-end hotels to the rustic charms of small Creole hotels, guesthouses and self-caterings which will introduce you to the serenity, intimacy and authenticity of La Digue’s particular way of life.



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