When you set your foot on the ground of one of our nature trail, you literally experienced firsthand the sight, smell and sound of your surrounding, and that’s the true definition of traveling. We’ve gathered some of the most manageable yet equally picturesque trails in Seychelles. Our nature trails vary in length and difficulty, suiting people of all levels .



Highlights :

  • The highest peak in seychelles
  • A total of 10 different trails can explored either by half or full day excursions
  • spectacular view if Mahe’s coastal line
  • experience the wonder of indigenous fauna and flora of Mahe
  • Magnificent landscape to admire
  • History of Seychelles cinnamon industry, slavery and many more








Path well marked and maintained as it is part of the Morne Seychellois National Park, passing through the forests of Morne Seychellois National Park. It’s easy at the beginning but more difficult as you progress. A variety of interesting species can be seen there. The main attraction, however, are the Pitcher Plants (latin: Nepenthaceae, german: Kannenpflanzen) which grow here, next to the highest point. Endemic flora and fauna such as the world’s smallest frog (Sooglossif gardenan), the Sunbird, Blue Pigeons, Stick insects and much more..

Difficulty : Moderate
Duration : 2½ hrs






The river Dauban flows into the mangrove forest at the start of the trail.from its network of mangroves to the forest further inland. It is dominated by the Seychelles screw pines  that dominate the area hence its name. Other interesting features are immense granite boulders.


Difficulty : Easy






This trail in the south of Mahe varies from easy to moderate and there are occasional steep climbs which add a bit of challenge. The main features of this trail are the panoramic views and the scenery which you discover as you follow the route. . The circular tracks allow hikers to see beautiful palm forests and five out of the six native species of Seychelles.

Panorama of Eden Island, airport and Ile au Cerf at the end of the Glacis Trois Frères Trail.


Difficulty : Tough
Duration : 2½ hrs







A relatively easy trail along the rocky northwestern coastline of Mahé.This one leads to the small secluded beach of Anse Major. Much of this trail lies within the boundaries of the Morne Seychellois National Park, with spectacular rock slopes (called ‘glacis’ in Seychelles) and native vegetation typical of the drier areas of Mahé.

Difficulty : Easy
Duration : 45 – 60 minutes








What to bring: Daypack ( water and snacks ), light clothing, preferably long sleeves and long pants to protect against insects, sun hat, sunscreen, and chapstick, bathing suit,  mosquito repellent, camera or video camera

  • You can ask for tailor made tours and excursions and we are happy to assist you.
  • We can easily accommodate almost any group size, big or small;
  • Price: Please inquire (depends on group size). The maximum allowed group size is 16 and minimum 4.
  • Guided tour
  • Transportation to and from accommodation

*Note that trail brochures produced by the Ministry of Environment can be purchased at Antigone book store in the capital Victoria and the Botanical Gardens on the outskirt of the capital.

*Warning: Some trails are slippery during the rainy season

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